Strainers are most economical and effective protection of pipe line system against damage from foreign matter in flow stream. Our strainers are specially designed for free flow through strainer element. The three types are available in 'Y' type strainer, Basket type strainer & Automatic Strainer.

“Y” Type Strainer are inexpensive solution to straining problem. Mostly used for steam or air application but can also be used on liquid application when dirt load or frequency of cleaning is very low. “Y”- Type Strainers are supplied with a bolted cover and are available with either flanged or bott weld connections.

  • The Strainer screens are piloted through the use of machined Grooves in both the body & cover to ensure proper alignment.
  • The cover gasket is designed for specific pressure and temperature ratings.

Basket Strainer Automatic

Automatic Basket Strainer is large bottom chamber where theline velocity gets reduced. Flow Continues upward passing in a radial manner through the sealed screen element.Unwanted materials are trapped on the inside of the filter element screen.The fluid keeps getting filtered and comes out clean through the outlet nozzle. As the filter screen gets loaded with dirt, the differential pressure keep raising.There is hollow full flow backwash arm extending the full length of the filter element. This can rotate and is piped to atmosphere through a backwash valve.When the differential pressure crosses the pre-set limits. The backwash valve opens the system to atmosphere causing a high velocity reverse flow across the isolated section of screen. Dirt and debris are flushed out from this segment of the screen into the backwash arm and out of the strainer via the backwash piping.During the backwashing cycle the main flow is uninterrupted and continues to be strained in the normal manner. The control system would automatically close the backwash valve after the screen is cleaned.

Basket Type Strainer

Basket type strainers are having more straining area than “Y”type strainer. Basket type strainers are specifically designed to meet customers requirement which may include high pressure application.

Baskets Specifications:
6mm Hole Dia Perforated outer filter element lined with 40 Mesh inner filter element is standard. Other filter elements can also be supplied on request.Outer filter element products strength for the filter screen and is welded to provide for adequate strength.

Features :
  • Bolted covers are standard
  • Quick opening and hinged covers can also be supplied on request.
  • Higher size strainers can be supplied with davit arm for easy removal of covers.
  • Drain and vent with plugs are standard, valves can be provided on request.
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